Joy & inspiration

I don’t write very often because I’m too busy reading. (I’ve heard it said that it’s the readers make the writers, but I’m not too sure. Who has enough time for both?)

(Lily Kate wrote about that very matter over here.)

Not to mention, it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out one simple sentence. I go over my word choices dozens of times, wondering if I could possibly have chosen a better word, or if I shouldn’t write about such obscure things, and whether I ought to have clearer meanings.

But this week’s subject matter has been christened “inspiration,” and it shouldn’t take me very long to write about what I’ve been reading, I suppose.

Camellia Fiber Co. is this wonderful yarn (& sometimes other things) online shop that was founded by Rebekka Seale last year. She sources fiber locally (read: the Southern states), spins it, and dyes it using spices, flower petals, roots, and other natural dyes. I love the fact that she’s an all-natural person and maintains a very purist aesthetic. Her yarns usually sell out right away, but I’m grabbing some handspun next update!

FarmHer, equally wonderful, is a photographer’s attempt to document the “amazingly important role that women play in our agriculture system.” I truly admire this woman’s work. Marji’s photos are amazing and so real– she doesn’t gloss over the hard work. Marji just released bandana-print racerback tanks in the FarmHer store… “Add to Cart” maybe?

Julie Fowlis’s new Gaelic folk music album was out last Monday. Listening over to: Do Chalum and the Ribinnean Rìomhach Puirt-À-Beul set. Anyone else?


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