Five Minute Friday: Writing

When I think of writing, I think of Emily Byrd Star of New Moon. They called it cacoethes scribendi – that she had to write. She had to.

(Sometimes I wonder if I have to.)

Jesus taught in stories. Those parables? That’s what the people could understand. They’re the kind of thing we can follow along with, and grasp a meaning at the end.

… and the story concept – is something I’ve always tried to grasp.

To build strength through words – encouragement. Invaluable.

Five Minute Friday

(Finally participating… and I know I ramble on. This is me, unedited. Join me? If not this Friday, next week?)


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Writing

  1. Hi Abi!
    First, let me say that I wrote a long comment on my first try, but it vanished, so here’s an attempt to recreate at least part of that response to your Five Minute Friday post.
    You are clearly a rather introspective person, a trait we share, but I think that goes with the territory of being a writer. As I read your post, I could envision you measuring each word out carefully, weighing its impact on your readers, turning each word over in your mind. You seem to be an interesting combination of the adventurer and yet of the reticent writer. Your words show your depth, even in that brief post.
    You raise an interesting question: Do you “have to” write? I’ve mulled that one over too, and my conclusion is that I feel I must when it comes to poetry, but with the blog, not so much. Like you, I find it difficult to squeeze in both reading and writing, and for me, the former always wins. Reading is my very favorite thing to do. And I can always find other more pressing things that demand my attention before my blog.
    I poked around on your blog and discovered that you also enjoy Holley Gerth and the others at (in)courage. They are so insightful, and all of y’all are so young! And you are beautiful! I can’t believe that photo was taken without make-up and at 2 a.m.!
    Do keep writing, Abi. You seem like a very genuine, talented, and sincere person.

  2. Story has been on my mind lately too and it is what is causing me to embrace writing again. My story….God has given me a great story to tell and I want to share it!

    Visiting from FMF!

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