a letter to hurt

To me:

Remember how you used to paint your face five different colors, trying to look like an Indian out of Peter Pan or a howling Pict who battled the Roman legions, and how you would work with the camera for an hour to get the right shot?

Remember how you woke up at five in the morning and it was pouring rain, and you put on an old t-shirt and went out into it, giddy? You were soaked in seconds.

Remember how you would tramp through all the melting snow and cross busy roads to get to the yarn store, and the woman at the counter would go crazy by how long it took you to choose your yarn? (You were enamoured by all the colors.)

If there is no God, why is there so much good?

To hurt: you will not have the last word.

“My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” The Psalmist writes these words and knows that God is one-hundred-percent faithful.

The LORD made a covenant with Israel in the very-beginning of the Bible, and declared it to be everlasting.

Everlasting means that it will last forever – for all eternity, with no expiration date.

No matter what history might tell you – Israel’s failure to obey, centuries of maligned prophets and wicked kings, and the ensuing four hundred years of captivity, destruction of the temple, Inquisition, and Holocaust – God has not given up on His nation. He never will.

If the Jewish people cannot believe His promises to them, how can we believe His promises to us?

His words in the Old Testament are still just as alive as if He had spoken them yesterday.

He knows the pain I feel. He’s with me when I’m stretched out on the floor, weeping. He is the reason my Bible seems to always fall open to something about steadfast love. Psalm 13, Psalm 146, Psalm 109, Psalm 115, Psalm 144 – and so many more.

He says, “Is it so hard to forgive?” And so as soon as my eyes open in the morning, I pray a prayer of forgiveness. I don’t want to become bitter. (Didn’t Jesus pray for forgiveness for his enemies as he hung on the cross, dying?)

There are good things in the world; I write them down every day.

He listens to us and will answer us for His name’s sake, and because of His steadfast love.

To hurt: sure, you exist.

But with all this steadfast love and goodness filling up everywhere, there isn’t any room for you.

Doors will close and we’ll be left standing in an empty hallway – but His promises are hope and there are windows opening all around.

& we’ll all laugh in the joy of the Lord.



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